Fleece Keeper Coats have a variety of options for make the coats work best for your herd!

Adjustable Rump Elastic 

 With the addition of a elastic cord lock in addition to extra elastic at the top of the rump, the breeder can tighten the coats around the rump to  better fit the individual sheep.  By letting out the elastic you can also extend the use of the coat thereby using less coats over a growing season.  This adds $1 to the cost of the coat.

Horned Version

For breeders with horned sheep, we make the front chest panel in two pieces and add 1" velcro to the top and bottom of the panel to keep it secure.  This adds $10 to the cost of the coat.

Rear Leg Buckles

Lets admit it, putting the coats on the sheep is not always the easiest procedure.  If you have trouble getting the coats on or just have really large sheep, we offer buckles for the rear leg straps so you can put the coat on and then connect the straps with the easy to use side release   buckles. This adds $3.50 to the cost of the coat.

Wide Versions

Not all sheep are created the same for body shape.  Some are wider and some are taller.  We offer a wide version that adds length to the sides of the coats to better fit these sheep.  The wide version adds 1" to each side for the smallest coats and  increases up to 4" per side for the three largesst coats.  This adds $1.50 to the cost of the coats.