Fleece Keeper Coats

by C&M Acres Fiber Mill

FleeceKeeper coats are constructed using quality components for durability and long lasting wear for years

* We now offer a breathable light fabric. People have been requesting a fabric that is not chemically coated to allow moisture to wick through.  It is now available in 300D weight.  

*We are offering two nylon fabrics that have good uv protection for long lasting wear.   They are:

      -400 Denier fabric.  Lightweight fabric consistent with many of the existing coats on the market.  Very durable and able to stand up to the wear and tear of the sheep.

     -600 Denier fabric.  medium weight fabric (similar to what used by Wool Tinker.  A heavier fabric than the 420 but will work fine with the very fine wools and will not cause felting or matting.

     -1000 Denier fabric. We have discountinued this fabric to drastic increases in costs.

* We use upholstry weight thread that will hold up to abuse as well as the weather.

* Strapping for the legs is 1" polypropolene that is also very durable.

     -We also use some of the strapping as reinforcement where the chest panel(s) is sewn onto the rest of the coat.  This tends to be a wear point and tear point if the coat is snagged.

* To keep the sizes straight we made it very easy.  There is an embroidered number on the back left side.

* Elastic around the neck and rump.  This was one of the main requests of the breeders we talked with.  The neck and rump have elastic cording sewn in that gather the fabric and help with the fit of the coat.  The breeders also indicated this was very helpful in keeping the coats fitting correctly on the sheep.  One breeder commented the elastic will allow him to use less coats because he could start with a little larger coat on the sheep and the elastic held it in place.

* The coats come in sizes starting at 22" and increase in 2" increments up to 50".  This is the back length.