Our Newest Product.  Cozy Calf coats and ear warmers.

Born from the need of keeping the high end calves from getting frozen ear tips when being birthed in January and February.

The water repellant outer shell helps with keeping the cows saliva from licking off the calf and from soaking the warmers and coats and freezing.

We have been testing and refining these products for the last year and are now ready to offer to the public.

Ear Warmers 

Water repellant exterior fabric.

Double felt on both sides of the ear.

Pockets on backside of the ear for hand warmer pack for the really cold nights.

Velcro adjustable under the nose and neck to fit most any size newborn calf.

Calf Coat

A water repellant outer shell with a a double felt interior lining.  Just the thing to keep the newborn calves warm.

A chest strap with velcro allows your to adjust the coat for a snug fit.

-Both products are machine washable so they can be used over and over.  Machine wash cold and tumble dry no heat.

-Both the coats and the ear muffs come in two colors, tan and black.