Just like our sheep coats that started all this, the camelid coats can be made in three different weights but most everyone is using the lighter fabric for the fleece protection and the medium fabric with felt lining for the warmth coats.

Like the sheep fleece coats, they include:

-reinforced chest panel

-rear leg strap buckles(an option on the cheep coats)

-leg straps are triple stitched for strength

-front elastic built into the front neck are to give a snug fit and have less hay chaff creeping under the coat.

-adjustable rear elastic cinch(an option on the sheep coats).  Allows more adjucts of the coat to the fit of the animal as well and letting the coat loosen as their fiber grows.

-embroidered size on the left flank.  Easy to read ans see the sizes. 

The warmth coats:

-They feature the same items as the fleece coats but we omit the elastic in the front and back as the felt prevents the coats form being cinched up.

-We usually use the 600 denier (medium fabric) for these coats.

-But we include a felt lining to help the younger alpacas or older animals that need a little additional help with cold weather.