FleeceKeeper Coats

by C&M Acres Fiber Mill

The FleeceKeeper Coats are the most current product out of C&M Acres Fiber Mill.  We are a full service fiber mill taking your fiber and turning it into a wide variety of items based on your needs. 

We can make roving, batts, yarn, cored yarn, scarves, blankets, insoles, rugs, etc.  It all depends on your fiber and what you want made. 

Check us out at www.cmacres.com.

C&M Acres is managed and run by Christian & Michelle Davies. We started with alpacas in 2006 and added the fiber mill in 2012.

Our interest began with alpacas as a smaller animal that easy to take care of and offered a viable business alterative to normal farm livestock. 

Once we had gotten into the business we quickly learned we had to do something with the fiber to make the business work. That led to eventually opening a full service fiber mill. The mill allowed us to dedicate all our time to the animals and the mill. 

We have a farm store for people looking for that one of a kind gift.

The Fiber Mill

Our mill is a full turnkey operation that can handle all processing steps in house. Our mill makes a semi-worsted yarn that is prepared by drafting the fiber to further align the individual fibers for a very consistent yarn.

Our felting machine can produce felt in whatever thickness you want in sizes up to 5 feet wide and any length. This is a needle felting machine so we can easily make any density of felt you want.

We can also take your seconds fiber and turn it in center cored yarn or felt sheeting. Center cored yarn is often used for rugs. Felt sheeting can be used for a wide variety of items ranging from shoe insoles to quilt batting. We can turn your seconds into products you can use or sell.

We also offer custom dyeing of your fiber for you.

We now offer rug weaving and fabric/throws weaving as additional services to help you get product ready for sale.