FleeceKeeper Coatsby C&M Acres Fiber Mill

New Fabric Available.  We now offer a breathable fabric as has been requested.

FleeceKeeper Coats protective coats worn by sheep and other species to protect their fiber from contamination by vegetable matter.

The coats originated at the request of one of our fiber clients.  They brought a coat to us about a year ago and asked us if we could make something like it.  While it was possible it was not the top of our priority list until last fal. One of the few manufacturers of the coats closed up shop.  That led us to start developing the coats.  

To create the best coat we could that fit the needs of the most people we went to the experts, a group of clients of ours that raised medium and fine wool  sheep with a variety of breeds. We disscussed with each client at length what they liked about existing coats and what they wanted in the perfect coat.  Many of their requests were similar and a few were not.

Based on their feedback we created a variety of prototypes that  the breeders then put to the test.  Feedback from them was incorporated into the final production models.

We have several options that can be added to the base version to better fit the coats to your needs.

If you need something different or custom, ask us and lets make a solutoin that works for you.